Phoenix: top areas for young professionals

What’s an ideal location for young professionals in the Southwest? For sure, it would be a place with abundant job opportunities, relatively affordable housing and access to the best amenities. Phoenix is one such hub with bountiful opportunities and great neighborhoods.  

The sun-kissed city has many neighborhoods with ideal settings for those hard at work. With an easy commute to offices, lots of outdoor activities to enjoy, and great restaurants and bars to enjoy, Phoenix offers some of the best locations in the country for young professionals—even if you’re not a big fan of heat!

As with any other city, Phoenix’s neighborhoods have their differences.

Here are the top areas local young professionals call home:

  1. Camelback East Village

Camelback East is a peaceful location; think of it as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Yet its convenient proximity to downtown offers an easy commute foryoung professionals who aren’t working remotely or are in a hybrid office environment.  

The neighborhood has many housing options that also include apartments and condos, with an average home value of $523,000. There’s plenty of adventure afoot in Camelback East, with easy access to the botanical garden, hiking trails, world-class zoo, as well as great bars and restaurants. 

Camelback is currently ranked as the best neighborhood for young professionals in Phoenix. The ranking is based on statistics from the U.S. Census, expert insights and data from a range of sources.

  • North Gateway

For outdoorsy folks, North Gateway is a sanctuary. The Lake Pleasant Regional Park and Phoenix Sonoran Preserve nearby provide plenty of hiking, camping, and fishing activities.

Homes in this neighborhood are on the upper mid-range in terms of pricing, with $515,000 being a recent (December 2021) average list price. You can choose from apartments, condos, and ranch-style homes here. Most residents of North Gateway rent their homes, a perfect setting for young professionals.

There are several bars, restaurants, and diners to satisfy your inner foodie here. Do try out Limón Urban Kitchen for the best Mexican food in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Arcadia

A top neighborhood list in Phoenix is incomplete without mentioning Arcadia. The picturesque neighborhood with lush green lawns and broad streets is a pure delight for any young soul. Across Arcadia, you can find ranch-style homes, condos, and modern houses; the median home price is significantly higher, however, at $1.34m.

The area is ideal for high-earning young professionals as it’s close to downtown (and numerous job opportunities) yet it offers the tranquility of a suburb. And there’s no other place like Arcadia for food in Phoenix. It has the best variety of restaurants that provide an appetizing experience no matter your palate.

  • South Mountain Village

Set between the Salt River and South Mountain Park & Preserve, South Mountain village offers beautiful skyline and mountain views (kind of the best of both world). Dwellings for young professionals here include modern apartments, ranch-style homes, and condos, with a typical home value just over $318,000 as of this writing.

Those who move to South Mountain won’t be short on ideas for things to do. Local favorites include visiting the world-renowned Mystery Castle, an architectural wonder, and hitting the course with friends at the Legacy Golf Club, among other spots.

For dining and hanging out, South Mountain has plenty to offer. Do visit Los Dos Molinos and if you’re a beer lover, stop over at Gallagher’s Sports Bar to enjoy its selection and lively company.

Encanto Lake – Source: Creative Commons

  • Encanto

Adjacent to Central Phoenix, Encanto provides a short commute to the central city and has budget-friendly housing opportunities, with a median home price of $450,000 as of December 2021. Residences here include older apartments and condos, with upscale communities living close to uptown Phoenix.

Encanto provides plenty ofjob opportunities, especially in the healthcare sector. Apart from that, some of Phoenix’s best museums and cultural amenities are located in Encanto. Visit Phoenix Art Museum, the largest art museum in the southwest, and the Heard Museum for American Indian art. The Phoenix Theatre Company offers live onstage performances. Those who love to fish should bring a rod and tackle; Encanto Lake (pictured above) offers a wide variety of fish for anglers, such as Rainbow Trout, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Sunfish and White Amur. More likely to order the catch of the day than make it yourself? Places like PA’LA and Durant’s will satisfy your palate.

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