Phoenix’s top foodie neighborhoods

Charming tree-lined neighborhoods, blooming citrus trees, bustling economic activity, and a culturally diverse society. Sounds pretty ideal, doesn’t it? Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona. It’s unlike any other city in the U.S. If that description appeals to you, you can happily move to the city and stay there for the rest of your life.

Want one more reason to think about living there? Consider this. The greater Phoenix area is a foodie’s paradise. From Asian to Continental and traditional American-style cuisine, Phoenix’s bars, restaurants, diners, cafes, and pizzerias offer culinary diversity. 

Each neighborhood or neighboring city in this ‘Valley of the Sun’ has its own unique gastronomic scene. If you’re a foodie, you just might start scrolling through local listings with the prospect of so many delicious future meals in mind.  

Now, let’s talk about the top foodie spots that you could call home.

  1. Arcadia

You’ll love Arcadia for its picturesque setting. Driving down its tree-lined streets, you’ll see homes with lush green landscapes. Arcadia is a point of interest in the Valley’s culinary landscape.

What Arcadia lacks cuisine diversity, it makes up for in numerous steakhouses, craft beer breweries, cafes, and other hangout spots. Residents also enjoy getting together at its renowned restaurant Postino also has its roots in Arcadia.

For an upscale dining experience, the amazing team of The Henry welcomes you with open arms. And how can one forget the La Grande Orange Grocery and Pizzeria? With its gourmet bakery, pizzeria, and breakfast bar, it’s a charming spot for locals to start the day or meet for lunch.

  • Glendale

Known as Arizona’s ‘Antique Capital,’ Glendale is a place of art, culture, and a thriving economic activity. And the neighborhood is host to various world cuisines as well—which just adds to its appeal.

You’ll find restaurants serving Vietnamese, Thai, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, Greek, German, Italian cuisines, and of course, the traditional American cuisine in Glendale. You can also enjoy the finest southwest dining here. Where can you ever find such culinary diversity in a single place? 

Some of the places to visit in Glendale are Little Saigon, Cassa Terra, La Pizza al Forno, and Suchi Fix.

  • Scottsdale

Scottsdale is an aesthetically beautiful neighborhood in the whole of Phoenix. The nicely-paved sidewalks, pruned and well-kept lawns, and (comparatively) milder weather make Scottsdale an attractive destination for young couples and families.

Though Scottsdale offers plenty of activities to do, it’s predominantly a food destination. You’ll find numerous bars, and restaurants, especially in Old Town Scottsdale, one of the best foodie neighborhoodsin Phoenix.

For an authentic southern Mexican dining experience, try out Barrio Queen or The Mission. If you are a Japanese cuisine lover, try Kasai. The inner foodie in you will surely relish these and many other cafes, bistros, and restaurants in Scottsdale…so much so that you might just be contacting realtors before you make it to dessert.

  • Tempe

Home to Arizona State University, Tempe is a bustling place with an abundance of young people, and the requisite shopping centers and great dining options to go with them. You can experience a lively nightlife with numerous bars open until the wee hours.

Tempe’s lush green boulevards, sizable yards, and large homes cater to a population that has set down more permanent roots. And the community here is fun and collegial; many residents are either staff, faculty, or students of Arizona State University.

When you’re staking out open houses, you might visit House of Tricks for a romantic dinner of delicious New American cuisine. And don’t miss Cafe Lalibela, with its delectable African fare. (See why you should stick around for a while?

The Valley of the Sun boasts much in the way of its culinary delights. Residents and visitors alike are taking in all that there is to experience, one meal at a time. The question is: will you consider making it your foodie heaven?

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