2020 trends in the kitchen remodeling: Moving away from the open concept

In any bathroom remodel, the faucets are the most important part. Available in many different arrays of shapes, colors and finishes for the taste of everyone.

Before start thinking about bathroom faucets for your bathroom remodeling, you have to consider a few factors, like if you’re using an existing sink or buying a brand new one and where are the faucet opens up. You also have to take into consideration what features you want, as well as what is budget allows you to spend on faucets. Another thing to think of is the size of your bathroom and what kind of faucets are typically used in similar homes in your neighborhood.

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Faucets Types

If you’re thinking of a new faucet to be installed on an existing sink or buying a complete sink ensemble, make sure to match the type of faucet to the hole predrilled already in your sink.

Single-hole faucets is a combination of mixing handles—in most single lever—into one unit that requires only one sink hole. To fit better, some models include a bottom plate that will go on the top of existing three-hole openings. Single-hole faucets are perfect for small sinks, such as half baths. Their convenience reflects modern way of look.

Center-set faucets fit standard three-hole sinks (with outer holes always drilled 4 inches in between). They’ll have either a 1 lever or 2 handles atached on a 6-inch plate. They’re ideal for most bathroom sinks.

Widespread mounts have three separate parts: Two handles and the spout. The standard distance between the handles is 8 inches, and the three pieces are usually larger than other types of bathroom faucets. Smaller options, called mini spreads, are designed for standard holes but drilled 4 inches apart.

Wall mount faucets became very popular along with freestanding or vessel-type sinks that require longer spouts that extend way over the top of the bowl.

Not every faucet fixture can be easily categorized. For example Kohler, makes a faucet that is integrated into a mirrored wall cabinet. All you see is the small control lever sticking out from the bottom of your mirrored shelf.

Faucet Finishes

In their afford to bring new products to market, fixture companies like Kohler, Delta, Moen and etc have created so many different finishes to help you during your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Thanks to modern clear-coat sealers, even the cheaper faucets can offer lifetime warranties for their products.

You’ll have to choose from different types of options that include polished chrome (the long-standing industry winner), brushed chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel, hammered nickel, stainless steel, bronze, brushed bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, black, white and decorative ceramic finishing.

Let’s not forget gold, which today might be considered an investment.

If all the choices give you a headache of how to pick the best one, try this decision-making advice:

  • Forget the metal type and concentrate on how it looks. Visit a closest showroom where you can find all finishes and select the one you really like how it looks.
  • Make sure all of your finishes are the same in each bathroom including towel bars, light fixtures if there is any metal on them and door handles.
  • Polished finishes has a great appearance but require constant cleaning to keep them looking shiny.
  • Brushed nickels are better by absorbing water spots and fingerprints, which is great if you have a few kids.

Here are some latest trends from the leading companies worldwide.

In the entire US, with the market moving away from rational styles and going more toward contemporary finishes,” Graff is one of the leading companies if not the best in the world. They are offering what they call living finishes, they age with the time, and they are very popular, with Brushed Brass being the most chosen one, along with Gunmetal and Rose Gold.

GRAFF’s Vintage collection pays homage to the historic Chicago Fire Department Illinois Fire Safety Alliance. It draws inspiration from the design of fire hose nozzles, with a modern spout and bold handles.
GRAFF’s Incanto collection also fits into its maximalist design style. A product can be minimal in one respect, such as its shape, but made maximalist by its finish or hue. For example “GRAFF’s Incanto faucet in Rose Gold is maximalist in style and minimalist in form.”
One of the most common faucet in the one that will increased functionality. Nowadays consumers are attracted at most by products with multi-functionality. Faucets with the ability to turn 360 degrees, toggle between full and needle spray and are attached easily with magnetic parts, like the Franke Pescara Faucet who became increasingly popular.

Another trend is point of use faucets

Home owners start to show interest in eco-friendly design and technology – like in particular Franke StillPure system, which measures the water usage and filter lifespan through an app that connects with users’ phones. The Franke 3-in-1 faucet delivers hot water, cold water and distilled water as well to make sure that you have clean water when you need it for cooking, prepping or washing veggies.

I hope the article was helpful and some of the ideas above can be used in your next home renovation project

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