Do’s and don’ts for home inspection

Buying a home is a major investment—so naturally, buyers don’t want to make any mistakes. Buyers or even sellers often hire home inspectors before making the final decision. The National Association of Realtors explains home inspection as a significant part of home buying.

So, as a seller, you should not overlook its significant points. It can help to identify substantial repairs and maintenance needs in advance. Following this process makes it easy for the buyer to decide and will allow sellers to put their home on sale in a better condition.

Here are common do’s and don’t’s for a home inspection that you should be aware of before putting your home up for sale.

Do’s for a Home Inspection

Be present at the Time of Inspection

You should attend the inspection to hear the inspector’s comments directly. And you’ll be able to ask questions to figure out various problems and get recommended solutions to them. Being present at the property will help you to understand the inspection report better.

Rob Nelson, real estate broker for Center Coast Realty in Chicago, explains that you need to understand the precise level of each issue identified during the home inspection and find out the corresponding solutions. 

Chose Affordable Inspection Option

Different home inspectors offer varying prices for a home inspection. Rather than selecting the cheapest option and calling it a day, do thorough research to find an affordable but reputable home inspection service. Moreover, hire a home inspector who uses the latest equipment and also is willing to facilitate with the buyer. Trusted real estate agents can help you find a competent professional home inspector.

Clean Your House

Nothing is more disappointing than a dirty or messy home. Make sure to remove all unnecessary items from your home and carefully clean all rooms. Focus on organizing everything, from cabinets to bookshelves, and improve the overall appearance of your interior and exterior. Don’t forget to depersonalize your home, especially the living room, so the buyers can visualize themselves living there instead of feeling as if they’re visiting a family they don’t know.

Don’t’s for a Home Inspection

Don’t Be Overly Involved in Inspection

Although it is essential to show up for the inspection, being ‘overly present’ can upset your buyer, notes Kate Wood of NerdWallet. Regularly interfering also can annoy the inspector, so it is better to avoid interrupting or commenting unnecessarily. This isn’t the time to show off how much (or, gulp, how little) you know about the property.

Don’t Hide Known Issues from Buyer

When sellers hide potential problems from buyers, it’s an issue that breaches trust. Don’t behave as if your home is flawless when it’s not. It is always advisable to be honest and discuss all known problems with a buyer. After all, your professional home inspector will uncover them anyhow. 

Don’t Restrict Buyer to Get Access to all Areas

Buyers have the right to check all areas of your home before making a decision. Restricting them from entering any room or area can raise suspicion and create a negative impression. Let the potential buyers bring their buying agents along, if desired. They can ask the inspector targeted questions about the foundation, structural components, HVAC, plumbing, ceiling, exterior area, heating system, electrical system, and other potential issues.

Following all the above do’s and don’t’s makes it easy for smart sellers like you to put a property up for sale, and for buyers to have critical information for making the right decision. So take the right steps and you’ll delight (rather than disappoint) your buyer!

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