Finding the right home renovation pros

Finally ready to list your place? 

You don’t have to be a DIY fan to know that an indispensable aspect of the selling process involves making some home upgrades to improve your home’s curb appeal and interior. That’s how you know buyers will turn their attention to your property…and subsequently want to make an offer. 

Let’s say you’ve decided on this. Your next step? Finding a remodeling dream team that can make those upgrades that’ll enable you to sell your abode at the highest marketable price. 

Here, we spill the secrets of sourcing the right pros to achieve your home renovation goals. 

1) Build your vision

How can you find the right person or team for the job without first building your vision?

Like any project, home renovation requires you to establish a vision—one that details your remodeling goals, your budget, and your plan to recover that cost upon property resale. 

It’s vital to do this first. Figuring this out will help you to find people who can accomplish your vision while meeting your expectations. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Should I tear out the entire kitchen or go for a minor update?
  • Will replacing the garage door improve the curb appeal, or should I invest in more expensive design trends throughout? 
  • How much of the remodeling cost would I recover when selling the property?

If you’re apprehensive about your investment, consult a seller’s agent who can guide you through the recruitment process. They may even have experienced interior designers and contractors in their network. 

Look through the candidate’s previous work (especially the last three months) and how specific renovations helped their clients enhance their homes’ value.  

2) Ask for recommendations

Who has an excellent reputation and produces stellar results? 

Finding an interior designer from a pool of literally thousands of professionals in a big city can be a chore. But hiring someone ‘nearby’ shouldn’t be the only option! You want to land a competent contractor who can help you attain your vision within the stipulated budget.

Consider asking friends and family who have had renovations done for their recommendations, since they can offer an honest opinion on the work completed by their teams. 

Of course, you should still personally interview each candidate. But this way you’ll be more confident and comfortable in their skills without having to canvas the entire local renovation landscape. The word of mouth of people in your close circle is worth its weight in gold. 

3) Create a project scope

Should I hire a general contractor, an interior designer, or an architect?

This is the million-dollar (or many thousands of dollars!) home renovation question for many sellers. The project scope will help.

You should hire a general contractor if:

  • you’re just looking to replace/remove finishes but want to keep things mostly as-is
  • you can select finishes and fixtures yourself
  • you’re ready to start right away

You should hire a general contractor and an architect if:

  • you aim to make major layout changes
  • you want to move any gas or plumbing lines
  • you wish to make structural changes (bringing down a wall, for example, to open up the floor plan)

On the other hand, an interior designer and a general contractor should be the ideal choice if:

  • you need professional help with design trends
  • you aim for minor layout changes
  • you wish to upgrade finishes, fixtures, and materials

Hiring a general contractor, interior designer, and architect is the right option when:

  • you’re looking to make major layout/structural changes
  • you need help selecting materials and incorporate interior design trends
  • you want to hire someone to oversee all project management 
  • your aim is to update color, lighting, furniture, fixtures, and the use of your space 

Home renovation doesn’t have to be a mystery. And now, you know exactly how to get your next project started. Steal the above tips and hire the best team to achieve your home upgrades! 

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