How not to stress out over a home inspection

Upcoming home inspection got your stomach in knots? Well, the process can get a lot smoother if you follow a few simple steps.

When putting your house up for sale, there’s a variety of tasks to care of—none, perhaps more important than you home inspection. Research from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors suggests several best practices you can follow to alleviate stress. 

Be Prepared

It’s #1 for a reason! Read through the provided information carefully before selecting a professional inspector. Contact several to get a clear idea regarding what to expect on the day of as well as associated costs. Besides, being prepared will help you to deal with any unexpected situations during the inspection. You can discuss concerns in detail with your inspector by making a list of questions in advance. Which brings us to…

Make an Inspection Pre-list

A pre-list can help you identify defects and repair them before the inspection, or at the very least be able to disclose them to the buyer. It’s also a helpful way to build trust with buyers. So, awareness of issues in advance of your inspection will lower those cortisol levels. Part of your list should include routine checks, including any bulbs that need replacing or walls and doors that need painting. Then, the big stuff: Ensure all other systems are functioning correctly, like the cooling system, HIVAC, and other appliances. Preparing this repair list can save you some hassle and headaches later.

Do Thorough Cleaning

This step alone is also kind of meditative…wouldn’t you agree? Make sure to clean your house thoroughly. Of course, a tidy home creates a good impression, and it supports that good rapport you’re working to build with buyers. It clears any doubt about maintenance and other issues related to the house structure. So, grab those rubber gloves, buckets and sprays galore, and make your house inspection easier with the cleanest of domiciles. 

Stay Open-Minded During Inspection

Overthinking is generally a poor strategy. But in the case of home inspections, it can increase your stress unnecessarily. Instead, try to stay open-minded. If you identify some problems during the inspection, it in no way means that you suddenly cannot sell your house. You have options to make repairs or replace some fixtures. Make sure not to overreact if you find the damage costs high. You can consult with the home inspector for a flexible solution. 

Real estate agent Mark Colwell explains that sellers should have an open mindset to better deal with the pressure that comes due to the issues with the property.

Be a Motivated Seller

Some sellers may be more motivated, while others may have more time. If you’re aiming to get out of debt or wish to sell your house quickly, you are in the camp looking for short-term results. Managing repairs after home inspection may be a long process, so staying motivated will minimize your stress level. 

A well-maintained house is good for the seller in that it will increase the worth of your house. So if you might’ve skimped on maintenance up to now, following the above strategies can help you reduce stress and create a positive experience around your home inspection.

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