The home renovation process

Renovation of your home is a big event, whether it’s a one room only or your entire living space of the home, all remodeling projects require similar steps. This article will help you be prepared for your home renovation project.

  • First decide if you want to use an architect, a designer-builder, or other professionals to translate your remodeling ideas. Choose a home design that you love and that is within your budget.
  • If you designed the space yourself, select a general contractor with whom you have a solid working experience or is highly recommended by your friends and family.
  • Finalize a budget and make sure you stick with it.


  • Meet with your general contractor or construction company project manager to review the design plan for feasibility and/or suggestions that may improve the project or conserve costs.
  • Select the right materials and products for the project, especially those that are needed right away and those that require several weeks’ delivery time (such as kitchen cabinets and appliances)
  • Work on a time frame with the contractor to draw up a detailed construction schedule, apply for building permits, and round up construction crews.
  • Meet your contractor’s job-site project manager and establish a good communication with him. This person will likely be your key contact throughout the home renovation project.


  • Arrange a pre-construction meeting at your house for you, the contractor and his or her job-site project manager, the architect or designer if you hired them separately and any key subcontractors who will be working on your home renovation project. We are SITL Home Renovation and Design offer all of those services you need for your remodeling project.
  • walk through your house with the contractor and go over everything what needs to be done. Take notes and send follow-up emails if anything changes from the original plans.
  • Set the ground rules and make sure all of them are written in the contract for your project between you, the general contractor, and the job-site project manager.
  • Establish a communications plan:
  • Decide who your primary contact person is (usually the project manager)
  • Require a daily reports for the work that is been done on the premises so you can be informed for the process and make sure everything will move according to the contract.


  • Remove all of your personal belongings from the work area, like furniture and clothes out of the closets.
  • If you’re able, allow access to the part of the house that is not under renovation for contractors to use bathroom or kitchen if you have another one in the basement or different part of the house.
  • Set up a place for a trash and make sure contractor will remove in every few days to avoid fines from the city.
  • Make sure there is a room for large supplies, such as rafters, drywall or appliances deliveries during the construction.


  • Choose very carefully a demolition company or the best way to it is use the construction company that you’re using for your home renovation project to do the demolition if they are offering it in their services. That way you will avoid any mistakes during the demolition that sometimes demolition crews does by demolishing it with carelessness. But if the same company who will work on your house is the one doing the demolition they will pay attention to every small detail during the demolition. We at SITL Home Renovation and Design offer that service to our clients as well.
  • seal with plastic sheets the demolition area from the rest of the house; check it frequently to make sure it’s properly sealed, or you will have dust and debris everywhere around the house.Last but most importantly show to your contractor where the shut off valve for the water is and the electrical panel. This is very important for the contractor to know in order to avoid leaks and to work safely if you changing your light fixtures or adding anew one.

Start Remodeling

  • Contractor prepares the foundation; frames the walls, floors, and roof; and installs windows if it’s on the plan.
  • The plumbing is roughed in; electric lines are run; and conduits for HVAC systems are installed if needed.
  • Insulation between studs and rafters must applied; drywall on walls and ceilings is installed then taped, mudded, sanded, primed and ready for painting.
  • Underlayment on floors is installed before installation of vinyl, laminate or hardwood flooring.
  • The house is roofed and sided.
  • Contractor finishes wall and ceiling surfaces; installs kitchen cabinets, counter tops, and window trim; and hooks up appliances and light fixtures.
  • The top layer of flooring is installed, plumbing and electrical systems are finalized.

SITL Home Renovation and Design services

Walk through and Final inspection

  • Tour the home remodel project space with your contractor and check for any details that need to be finished or for any mistakes that need to be fixed.
  • Complete a final inspection with the contractor, checking off the items from your preliminary walk-through.
  • Go over instructions for equipment and discuss the duration of the warranties.
  • Let the new space settle in for a few months. Make sure all systems work properly and watch for drywall cracks or nail pops. Call back the contractor for any follow-up repairs; good contractors will check back with you to make sure everything is fine with your home improvements and you’re satisfied with the work done in your home.
  • Video attached below will help homeowners to better understand the entire process of kitchen remodel.

A few tips on how to choose the best remodeling company for your home renovation project

Request referrals, locate credentials:

Referrals and credentials are typically the best methods in locating a certified professional general contractor/construction company to hire for your home remodeling project. An established home renovation company will most likely have an online presence where you can read reviews from previous clients and check on their projects. You can also check to see if the contractor is possessed online reviews and view what their current ranking is. By performing some simple online research, you can also discover if the contractor possesses the necessary licenses and certifications to perform the project from state and local agencies.

Attached below are two of the recent projects completed by SITL Home Renovation and Design East Ave Condominium RemodelHome Renovation Glenbrook

Interview potential general contractors/construction companies
Once you have done your research, you should try to narrow down your potential general contractors for the project to three separate contractors. During the interview process, you should ask for the following information. Does the construction company have insurance that will offer protection from liability claims? How long has the general contractor been in business for and have they done any work in your surrounding community? What types of certifications and licenses they have? Do you have a website or an online portfolio where I can view some of your previous projects? The last part where you should ask for the previous projects it’s very crucial because like that you’ll find out how good and competent the construction company/general contractor really is.

Is the contract thorough and professional?
Once you have screened and selected your home renovation general contractor, you should then review the contract to ensure that it is detailed and written in a professional manner. The contract should contain the following information; the overall bid price and payment schedule, a detailed work schedule with start and completion dates, procedures for any work orders or changes, proof that the contractor holds the appropriate licensing, will there be any subcontractors used and will the original contractor always be on-site, is there a termination clause or a clause about dispute resolution.

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