Tips and tricks on staging a home from our top experts

It’s no secret that staging your property before putting it on the market can increase its value. Not only this, remodeling your place makes your home more appealing to a potential buyer and allows you to leverage your home’s nifty features.

This is the reason savvy real estate professionals recommend home sellers to have their properties staged before listing them—no matter the size, prize, condition, or location.

However, when it comes to interior designing and home staging, trends are constantly changing. Shifting preferences make it challenging for home sellers to add sure-to-be captivating details.

If want to sell your home at the highest price—and who doesn’t?—it is crucial to know what potential home buyers currently prefer. Follow these home staging tips from top experts to fetch the best price.

Staging Tips and Tricks 

Get Rid of the Mess

In 2021, people aren’t into in-person surprises; most buyers these days first view properties online. That said, it better look organized. “If it is too cluttered and messy, they may not go visit it in person,” according to home design expert Amanda Wiss of Urban City Owner.

A cluttered and messy space pretty much appeals to no one. The rule of thumb to make your property eye-catching is to show off its square footage. 

Whether they’re unused items or things you use temporarily, your belongings can be stored elsewhere so your place looks cleaner and more spacious. (Pressed for time? Let the experts from or clear it away for you.) 

Clean and Keep the Place Fragrant

You might have heard the old ‘bake an apple pie’ tip many times, but it really makes a world of difference! When it comes to seeking a positive first impression from buyers, a pleasing aroma in your home can do wonders. Architect and designer Ronique Gibson of The Spruce suggests burning cinnamon sticks, baking cookies or brewing coffee.  If you’re not into baking, though, you have other options. Invest in some buyer-friendly scents (we like vanilla and lavender) in the form of oil diffusers, which can help rid your home of unpleasant odors. Also, keep your pets in a separate area. Even self-professed dog and cat people don’t want to be bombarded with an animal smell at first glance! 

Use the Magic of Antique Accents

Ditch the world of bland and blah accents from big box stores. After every few years, vintage furniture and older items come back in style as a classic trend. Mixing vintage flair with modern style can bring an appealing and distinctive emphasis to your home.

Consider incorporating antiques like old chess boards or vintage motifs, such as metal ceiling tiles, into your decorating. These elements not only add warmth to your house but can also complement its color scheme. From metal baskets to mod ottomans to porcelain vases, a wide range of options awaits for a rustic, retro or classic style that could make buyers take a second (or third) look.  

Add Natural Wood for Interior Spaces

For many years, people believed that adding white beside black and dark-colored themes is the perfect approach to creating a modern space. That is why home stylists are more likely to stage homes with natural wood themes to add a hint of sophistication to their properties.

With both dark and light kinds of wood, you have an option to make your space look smaller or more spacious—a strategic move that can help you get the price you want.

Yet, remember that light brown wood is always appealing and can make any home look more inviting and comfortable. On the other hand, dark brown will make your interior space appear luxurious.

Staging your home is totally doable; all you need is a little expert ‘inspo’ and the will to make some exciting minor changes. Remember, these tips and tricks could be the thing that helps you close a deal at the price you’re seeking!

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