“ Data is the new gold ”

-The Future of Real Estate Services Providers report Deloitte (2018)

Our Mission

Livv’s passion is to address risk and inefficiency caused by an ambiguous market’s effect on pricing and timely decisions. Our clients deserve high quality leads, increased revenues, and the means to engage and nurture prospects on a platform steeped in market intelligence.

What We Do

Livv’s ability to clearly identify buyer/seller intent is unparalleled and is achieved through a fully integrated nurturing process from browsing to conversion. We do this by identifying user intent, monitoring user behavior and encouraging continuous engagement. Our technology provides critical property and market intelligence enabling anyone to make better decisions about buying, selling, investing, improving, financing or analyzing a home. 

Lead Capturing

Leads are captured from online searches and client CRMs

Lead Segmentation

Leads are categorized and segmented across multiple levels

Lead Nurturing

Leads are nurtured via email, content & data reports

User Tracking & Scoring

Leads are tracked and scored to determine intent

“Increasing The Profitability Of Property Deals With Real-time Insights”

Our Technology

We combine world class tech to supercharge real estate for buyers, sellers, investors and realtors enabling real-time insights, smarter investments and optimal deals.

Our Clients

Livv’s dynamic platform is aligned with the changing needs of today’s industry professional to dramatically improve and expand the quality, speed and results of their business.

Listing Portals, MLS

Provide advanced attribute search capabilities & adaptive matching algorithms to improve the online search experience for buyers & sellers

Service Providers

Engage, nurture and improve lead conversion levels to increase client satisfaction and business results automatically and on scale

Realtors & Brokerages

Provide realtors and clients with real-time key market and property intelligence to impact decision making speed and accuracy

Investors & Homeowners

Analyze home repair/improvement features that could result in higher sales prices and better investment opportunities

Let’s talk

Email: info@livv.ai